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Mainland/sea oil field: clean water system, seawater disposing system, instrument preventing frostbite, oil and gas pipe preventing frostbite, hot water system frostbite, hot water system
Oil refining industry: benzene, distillation, ammonia, hydrocracking, burn alkali, burnt, heavy oil, wax, sulfur, sulfuration, xylene, asphaltum, gas or liquid, fission remnant liquid, dreg oil
Petroleum industry: Purified Anhydride Acid, acrylic resin, PVC, cinnamene and polystyrene,industry gas, DPE, Polybutylene terephthalate, maleimide, colophony
Chemical industry: vitriol, isopropyl benzene, phenol, formaldehyde, drobromide, chlorine, polyamide and itself monomer, IPDA, alkalescence cyanide
Electric power industry: high voltage offer water, exclude pollution and set free, meter, smoke, shuck off gas, high voltage condensation, acid and alkali, heavy oil, ignition oil route
Construction: hot water system, floor heat preservation system, roof melting-snow system, dissolve snow system, gas store pots prevent frostbite system
Food and beverage industry: chocolate transportation tube, edible oil, beer and soft drinking yielding yielding craftwork, fat
Pharmacy: duality fat, aromatic radical, chain fat acid,bi-mellow
Public utility equipment: condensation system, craftwork gas tube, fuel
Paper pulp and ware: craftwork-using water, drinking water, fighting-using water, meter tube, glue-water, and bond
Dope: cooling water system, water-solubility dope

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